Learning Morse Code - Tracking Progress

I have tried to track my Morse learning progress in a number of ways.

Since I started following GB2CW practice broadcasts I've been keeping a record (of sorts) of my accuracy. They provide another long-term track of my progress. The most recent results are at the top. The chart on the left shows accuracy at 8wpm and 12wpm. The one on the right shows a weighted average (75% for 12wpm, 20% for 8wpm, and 5% for numbers) and an average of the last five sessions weighted the same way (to try to smooth out the bumps a bit).

Recent Progress:
Progress between 2013 (at the bottom) and 2023:

Since late 2013 I've been using the word and callsign exercises on LCWO.net for some of my Morse practice. The site can generate simple graphs to show progress (or lack of it). Obviously they'll only give a reasonable idea if the exercises concerned are run the same way each time, so I set myself some rules, and have run the exercises by them for all the exercises included in the graphs. The first one shows my scores for the word exercise (using Q-codes and abbreviations with no repeats), and the second shows my scores for the callsign exercise (with one repeat allowed). Here are graphs from November 2015.

(Earlier graphs: November 2015, September 2015, August 2015, July 2015)

There's some evidence of improvement in the upward trend of the upper graph, but some of that is probably just down to my getting better at guessing which Q-code or abbreviation has just been sent rather than my getting better at recognising the characters. The lower (callsigns) graph probably better indicates my progress (or lack of it).

The Koch course on LCWO.net also produces lesson-by-lesson graphs to show progress, and shortly before I abandoned the course I combined the graphs for (most of) the lessons I'd attempted into the animated GIF below:

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