The Programme

Our programme will include sets, workshops, a Main Concert, a Themed Concert, at least one discussin session, and a Filk Fund Auction. A draft of the programme timetable is now available.

One-Shot Concerts

There will be two One-Shot concerts this year, "What's New?" on Friday evening and the Main Concert on Saturday afternoon. Sign-up sheets will be on Registration.

Filk Fund Auction

There will be a table for auction contributions at the convention.

Performer Sets

There will be sets from various performers, including two from each of our Guests of Honour.


Both of our Guests of Honour will be leading workshops on subjects of their own choosing.

Staging and Technical requirements

The Tech equipment is there to help you sound as good as possible. The techies can use it to best effect if they know what you want, and it will help them a lot if they know this in advance so they can bring the right stuph*.

Here are some of the questions you should answer, preferably in your set request:

  • How many performers?
  • What sort of space will the performers need?
  • What instruments will the performers be playing?
It will also help the techies if you can provide a set list. If it's complicated then it will help if they have it before the Con, but for simpler sets it's OK to give it to them just before you do a sound check. Ideally, the set list will answer the questions above and a few more, like these:
  • Where on stage do you want your performers?
  • Who sings in each song?
  • Who plays which instruments in each song?
  • Will your performers sit, stand, dance, or...?
  • What backing tracks (in a playable digital format, preferably!), or other techie-controlled effects are needed in each song?
Concise, clear information will help. If your set list strays over onto a second page then it's probably too complicated!

Keris' term for all manner of equipment including back-drops, stands, microphones, cables, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, equalisers, compressors, and other bits and pieces needed to provide the "tech" at a Con.