Learning Morse Code - A Timeline

It's taken me over six years so far, and I'm still not confident getting on the air. I do have over 200 CW QSOs in my log now. They're almost all rubber-stamp callsign and signal report exchanges. Well over four fifths of them are SOTA contacts.

Here's a timeline showing my progress (or lack of) in learning Morse.

2010 - FebFoundation Course Morse practical.
First look at LCWO.net.
MarPass Foundation exam.
AprSign on to LCWO.net and start Koch training.
JulLCWO.net introduces "Morse Machine". Try it alongside Koch.
DecPass Intermediate exam.
Delete LCWO.net account to concentrate on Advanced exam.
2011 - FebPass Advanced exam.
MarSign back onto LCWO.net and re-start Koch at lesson 1.
AugBuy and start learning to use an iambic paddle.
2012 - FebWrite first version of "Learning Morse Code - Pointless Hammering".
AprAbandon Koch at about lesson 15.
Make CD of all letters and numbers in pairs and predictable sequence at 16wpm. Use it to learn them.
MayFirst logged CW QSO.
OctFirst SOTA CW chase.
2013 - JanFirst DX CW QSOs (from Kenya).
Elecraft KX3 kit ordered.
FebFirst regular GB2CW exercise.
First perfect GB2CW exercise at 5wpm.
JulWrite first version of "Learning Morse Code Roadblocks and Contradictory Advice".
AugFirst use of CW on SOTA activation (2 CW QSOs).
SepFirst perfect GB2CW exercise at 8wpm.
Second SOTA activation (4 CW QSOs)
Oct100 CW SOTA points.
Third SOTA activation (1 CW QSO)
2014 - AprSOTA activation attempt (3 CW QSOs)
May50th CW QSO.
Fourth CW (and first CW-only) SOTA activation (6 QSOs).
2015 - FebRe-organised pages on Koch, Roadblocks and Contradictory Advice.
Added a page on Teaching and Practice.
AprFifth SOTA activation (7 CW QSOs).
MayFirst GB2CW broadcast on 5.301 MHz.
JulThree more SOTA Activations (1,2, and 8 CW QSOs).
AugAdded a page of charts showing how fast folks go.
SepFour more SOTA activations (3,4,4 and 5 CW QSOs).
OctTwo more SOTA activations (20 and 13 CW QSOs).
2016 - JanA few short CW QSOs from Kenya.
MarFirst attempt at CW rag-chew, on 2 metres.
AprA few more short CW QSOs from Kenya.
MayTwo more SOTA activations (8 CW QSOs each).
JunTwo more SOTA activations (8 and 7 CW QSOs).
DecOne short CW QSO from Kenya, the only DX of that entire holiday.
2017 - MarTwo more SOTA activations (12 and 7 CW QSOs).
AprOne single CW QSO on 80 metres from a SOTA summit.
OctECWARC Boot Camp day attended. Interestingly challenging.
NovDiscouragingly muddled SOTA activation on 40 metres (11 QSOs logged).
2018 - Jan52 CW QSOs from Kenya.
One CW SOTA chase.
FebThree CW SOTA chases.
AprSix CW SOTA chases.
MayTwo CW SOTA chases.
JunA CW SOTA activation (10 QSOs).
One CW SOTA chase.
JulFour CW SOTA chases.
AugEight CW SOTA chases.
SepNew QTH. No rig or antenna yet.
DecFive CW QSOs from Kenya.
2019 - Jan30 CW QSOs from Kenya.
MayHereford CW Boot Camp day attended. Quite stretched, but enjoyable.
First perfect GB2CW exercise at 12wpm.
2020 - 180 CW QSOs during the year, almost all SOTA chases.
SepA CW SOTA activation (11 QSOs).
2021 - 108 CW QSOs during the year, almost all SOTA chases.
2022 - 215 CW QSOs during the year, 148 of them SOTA chases.
JanStarted CWOPS Intermediate CW Zoom class.
FebEntered ARRL DX CW Contest (34 QSOs).
Completed CWOPS Intermediate CW Zoom class.
AugA CW SOTA activation (9 QSOs).
SepA CW SOTA activation (16 QSOs).
2023 - Jan68 CW QSOs from Kenya.
MarA CW SOTA activation (20 QSOs).
MayA CW SOTA activation (12 QSOs).

I have also tracked my progress more graphically.

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