Guests of Honour


Cat Faber

Cat is a prolific songwriter and performer from Tennessee. From 1997to 2003 she was one half of the duo Echo's Children, and has won five Pegasus awards, including Best Sing-a-long for "Acts of Creation" and Best writer/composer in 1998 and 2003. Her varied interests range from science to songwriting and from camping to crafting.


Tom 'FanTom' Nanson

Tom has been a regular attendee at UK Filkcons since Treble in 1991. As well as writing original songs, Tom has a fondness for setting new words to old tunes, from Mozart via Gilbert and Sullivan to Andrew Lloyd Weber. He has the distinction of being the first person to have filked Minstrel's "Boy in a Room". An accomplished costumer and mediaeval re-enactor, Tom was once voted "most likely to make a joke in Latin."