Our guests for aXXIdental are:

Rand Bellavia and Adam English

Rand Bellavia and Adam English are the young, dashing and downright madcap nucleus of Fandom's Own Rock Band, Ookla the Mok. They've been playing at sci-fi and comic book conventions all over North America since 1994 and this will be their first time at a UK convention. Witty lyrics, groovin' tunes, and an ability to mimic almost any power-pop. Rand sings and plays guitar and trombone, Adam sings and plays guitar, keyboards, accordion and trumpet. They both write the songs, so equally share the blame. I mean, credit.

Richard "Hitch" Wheatley

Richard "Hitch" Wheatley attended his first filk con, Contabile, in 1989 and has been at every UK filkcon since. With his strong tenor voice (most often heard within the a capella filk choir, the n'Early Music Consort), dry sense of humour, and a massive and often obscure music collection, Hitch is sure to delight us in song, however other instruments may not be far from his hands. Active in medieval recreationalism, Hitch produced a tape of 16th century dances ("A Hitch in Time") on which he plays shawm, recorder, keyboard and percussion. He has also been known to play clarinet and alto saxophone in a non-medieval context. Regardless of instrument or context, Hitch will charm you with a gentlemanly manner and a healthy dose of surrealism.