Is it really our fault?

Miki Dennis

Miki Dennis has been involved with Folk and then Filk for around 25 years. She managed to avoid organising the first Filk con by being inconspicuous but since that was one of the only times in her life she achieved this she has since been on 3 committees and the last Glasgow Worldcon. This is slightly unusual as she can't sing a note and disguises this by writing and performing poetry [or 'pietry'.] She is also a high ranking noble of the FarIsles Medieval society and has run many of their events as well as being an award wining sci-fi costumer. Miki will be our Hotel Liaison person.

Mich Sampson

Mich is Guest Liaison and is also looking after publications. This is Mich's first time on a filkcon committee, following helping run the filk-stream at Harmuni 3 / Recombination / UniCon 2007. Having been a GoH at filkcons in the UK and US, she's in a good position to look after aXXIdental's guests and indulge their every whim (I mean, support them in their efforts to entertain you, gentle filker!). When not committee-ing, Mich plays piano and sings, performing by herself, or as filk-folk duo 'Playing Rapunzel', or with the n'Early Music Consort.

Peter Westhead

Resident Mad Scientist and self-confessed anachronism, Peter has been going to cons since he was six weeks old. When not working hard on his con com debut, he likes to spend his time on all things fannish, most notably gaming, costuming, larp, unicycles and filk.

He is a standing (or sometimes sitting) member of the band Chimes and forms anywhere from a third to a quarter to sometimes less of the group, depending on who's been conned into joining this time. As a true native of Filkdom and Fandom, he has taken on the job of organising the programme.

Rick Hewett

Rick had a brief encounter with fandom back in the late 70s when he was at university, but escaped, and remained mostly free of fannish influence for the next couple of decades. Then, in an un-guarded moment, he asked the question "What, exactly, is 'filk'?" and the hook was set. In mid '98 Annie Walker hauled him out of the Harp List into Filk_UK. By the end of the year he'd been to three SWiGGLes, two house-cons, one convention, and joined the nMC. He helped organise the Harmuni 2 filk track at ConteXXt UniCon 2002, and these days can often be found tangled up with tech folk at filk cons, or in the Green Room at Eastercons. Rick's job for aXXIdental is to keep track of the finances and memberships.

Mike Westhead

Ex-rocker, ex-hippie, ex-mod and international man of mystery, Mike harkens back to the era when SF authors gathered to discuss such new and strange notions as global warming. A veteran of fannish and con-running activity, Mike is the eternal "Wasn't he here a minute ago?" His job is to spot the deliberate mistakes of the rest of the committee bfore anyone else does.

Mike Richards

It all started so innocently. "Here, have a listen to this tape, see if you like it." she said. He resisted for a while, but curiosity got the better of him. Soon his feet were inexorably stuck on the long, slippery path.

First, it was more tapes and CDs.

Then, on to conventions.

Soon, he was borrowing other people's songs and, without a qualm, mutilating them - in public.

He dragged other people in too, shamelessly corrupting them.

He took up the harp, in a last cry for help by rejecting the guitar orthodoxy - but it was too late. Far, far too late.

Now, see the pitiful wreck. Time and again he drags himself across the country, travelling hundreds of miles for a fix. Every few years, when the craving gets too strong, he helps with the organisation. Four music cons stand in mute testimony to this sad case (mute, at least, until the evidence is admitted in court).

Mike isn't sure what his role on the concom is. People keep referring to him as the token responsible adult, which is worrying. Mostly he intends keeping his head down. Somehow he does not think this is particularly achievable...