We must be mad. We're doing another songbook.

The aXXIdental concom are producing a convention songbook; once again, Alison Richards has agreed to edit it. So, we're after songs and artwork.

Songs don't have to be new

We'd like a good sampling of current material, of course, but there are plenty of good songs that date back years which have never been recorded or published. We'd like to include some of these, before they risk being forgotten.

Songs don't have to be in English

The majority of songs at a UK con are in English - but not all. The songbook can be the same. We do ask that if you send something in a foreign language (whether it is in German, Greek or Geordie) you include a short note giving the gist of the song in English - if only so that we can get appropriate artwork.

Songs don't have to have original tunes

We're happy to publish original tunes (we use Noteworthy Composer and can also accept MIDI files; if this means nothing to you, talk to the editor) and chords; we're also happy to publish songs "to the tune of". Pietry (filkish poems) are also acceptable.

Songs can have been published before

We're looking for songs that aren't widely available in the UK already. This does not preclude ones that have, for example, been published in a US hymnal not typically sold on this side of the pond.

Please submit your songs by the end of September!

We can handle ASCII, various Word and Open Office formats, and that most flexible and portable of formats - hardcopy.

We'll also be looking for volunteers to help with artwork (thanks to those people who have already volunteered!) once the songs start to arrive.

Any profits will be going to the filk fund. We're hoping to arrange a discount for contributors but that will depend on what material we actually get.

Contributions should be sent to Alison and Mike directly at:

mike.and.alison at blueyonder co uk

Alison and Mike Richards