AXXIdental is the 21st British Filk Convention, and was held at the Ramada Grantham Hotel, Grantham, between Friday 6th and Sunday 8th February, 2009.

The U.K Guest of Honour was Richard "Hitch" Wheatley.

The International Guests of Honour were Rand Bellavia and Adam English.

We were also pleased to welcome Trudy Wenzel, who was invited by the UK Filk Convention Management Fund committee to be their "Footloose Filker" at AXXIdental.

We are pleased to report that the AXXIdental songbook is done!

The first AXXIdental PR was chased out of the door during the last week of June, 2008.

The second AXXIdental PR was swept out with the leaves towards the end of October, 2008. It included a hotel booking form.

The third AXXIdental PR slipped on the icy door-step, but picked itself up and stumbled off on 14th January. Address labels (or an accompanying e-mail) include a terse Hotel code to give you a quick check of your hotel booking.

If you think you've joined AXXIdental and havn't received either electronic or physical copies of all the PRs then please get in touch.

We hope those of you who managed to get to Grantham had an enjoyable convention. We're very sorry to have missed seeing a few folk who were ambushed by illness or the weather and didn't manage to get to AXXIdental.

There are a number of folks' con reports linked from the Livejournal filkcon_reports community in this post.

We hope to see you next year at Van der Filk.