We must be mad. We're doing another songbook.

The aXXIdental concom are producing a convention songbook; once again, Alison Richards has agreed to edit it.

Thanks for your submissions. We're pleased to report that the aXXIdental songbook, "On the Filk Road", has been sent to Beccon Publications! There are just over 90 songs in it, and the total length will be just over 150 pages, making it officially enormous! (It's 25 pages more than "Under Filk Wood"). You can find lots more detail about it on the Beccon Publications website.

It will be on sale at the convention for £9.50 (or £5.00 if you were a contributor). Any profits will be going to the filk fund.

Thanks to all contributors of songs and artwork, Special thanks to Miki, for Artwork Above and Beyond the call of duty (and for sending it back to us before the deadline), and to Alison and Mike Richards for all their hard work.